Vision & Mission


                To be  a centre of academic excellence by attracting, educating, enlightening and empowering the women through quality & holistic education with a view to orient them to be well-informed, dynamic and self-reliant agents of Socio-Economic Transformation.


To create and stimulate a conducive academic environment for promotion of quality teaching -learning process, research and innovation in its strive for     excellence.

 To maintain a perfect balance in between education that promotes knowledge and creativity per se and training  that imparts skills for employability.

 To inculcate and nature among the students egalitarian, secular and non-parochial values in addition to the core  human values of sincerity, honesty,  discipline, dedication and    teamwork to make them not only intellectually competent but also morally upright, socially aware, spiritually awakened  and patriotic citizens of the country.

To provide meaningful, relevant and holistic education for cluttering scientific temperament, rational positive outlook and integrated character to impact family, community, state and the nation at large.

To promote all-round development of students to live a meaningful and harmonious life through community participation and sensitization to social issues.