Hostel Rules

 1.No student than boarder of hostel shall stay in the Hostel.

2.Hostel furniture, duly numbered shall be issued to the boarders and the boarders shall be held responsible for any damage. In case of damage to electric installations the boarders shall be held jointly responsible. Use of electrical goods like heater, irons etc  are strictly prohibited.

3.Roll-call and attendance will be taken daily at the end of the evening prayer at 5.50 P.M. .All the boarders should be present at the time of roll-call and in the prayer class.

4.No boarders shall leave the hostel unless she obtains the permission from the principal. Application for obtaining permission must be forwarded through the superintendent of the hostel who will ascertain that the dues have been paid by boarders. The application shall be signed by the parents or local Guardian.

5.Ordinarily boarders are not allowed to stay in the hostel during the vacations. Boarders  of different classes have to leave their hostels soon after their examinations are over.

6.Specific time/hours have been fixed both in the morning and evening for study and meals. No boarder is allowed to leave her room and disturb others during study hours. Viewing TV or using mobile Phones without sufficient  instification during  study hours is not permissible but punishable


         The Hours Fixed for the study are:-    


         (i) 6.30 AM to 9.00 AM 


         (ii) 6.30 PM to 9.00 PM      


         (iii) 10.00 PM to 11.00 PM


7.No Boarders shall go out of the college campus without the permission of the superintendent.

8.All boarders should be in hostel from 6.00 PM till 6.00 AM .Absence from the hostel during these hours without the permission of the Superintendent is  strictly prohibited and will be treated as an act of indiscipline.

9.Parents/Guardian should submit a list of three authorized visitors in the prescribed forms available in the office of the superintendent.

10.Parents / Authorized visitors of boarders are allowed to visit their wards on any day with due permission from the superintendent.


    Visiting Hours


    (i) Saturday = 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM


    (ii) Sunday = 9.00 AM to  11.00 AM  and  4.00 PM to 5.00 PM


11.Authorized visitors are allowed to visit the boarders during visiting hours only. They have to sign on the visitors book along with other necessary entries before meeting their ward. They may, however, visit the boarder in  the hostel beyond the visiting hours with specific permission from the superintendent only on the ground of boarders. health of the emergent nature or any urgent business to be determined at the discretion of the superintendent.

12.When a boarders goes out of the hostel premises, she must write in the register kept for the purpose, the place  she is going to and the time she leaves the hostel and hands over the permission letter to the Matron/Watchman. She has to also write the time of her return in the Register.

13.No boarder will be allowed to leave the hostel without a letter of authority from the parents or local guardian concerned.

14.No boarders will be permitted to go home during the working days. However, under special circumstances, she will be allowed to go have on production of a letter of her parents or natural guardian only.

15.No boarders will be allowed to go home alone. she may, however ,be allowed to travel during day time alone at her own risk on production of written authority of her parents or natural guardian addressed to superintendent.

16.No boarders will be allowed to go home either alone or with escort in between 9.00 PM to 5.00 AM. Again boarders are not allowed to stay overnight with local guardians unless otherwise specifically permitted by their parents.

17.Male visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel. Female visitors/outsider and Day-scholars are also not allowed to enter the Hostel Rooms  without the permission of the superintendent.

18.All letters and communications to and from boarders will pass through the superintendent.

19.Absence from the Hostel Continuously for one month will lead to for future of the seat in the hostel.

20.Boarders should in all cases, obtain the permission of the principal through superintendent before joining or taking part in association ,competition or meetings etc. outside the college.

21.The superintendent has the power of ensuring all the reading materials brought in to the hostel. The introduction of objectionable reading matter into the hostel will be regarded as a breach of discipline.


       The followings will also be considered as breach of discipline.


         I.Absence from the hostel without leave Permission.


         II.Meeting higher authority without prior permission from hostel superintendent or holding of any special meeting in the hostel without the approval of the superintendent.


         III.Going outside of the hostel after 5.00 PM without the permission of the hostel superintendent.


          IV.In no case furniture and other articles will be displaced from the specific room.


          V.Tampering with or damaging of electrical installations or other fillings, furnitures in the hostel premises and want of cleanliness and tidiness in the room.


          VI.Misbehavior towards employees of the hostel, mess staff & fellow boarders.


          VII.Change of Room or seat  without the permission of the superintendent.


          VIII.Staying in the hostel in an intoxicated and drugged condition or keeping such materials in the hostel.


           IX.Non-attendance in the prayer class without prior permission.


           X.Cooking inside the rooms, keeping of pets, transistors ,cameras, valuable ornaments, heaters, stoves, burners, electric/non-electric inside the hostel rooms.


           XI.Use of mobile phones by the boarders should be restrained and judicious enough and by no means should be a source of disturbance to fellow inmates